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Top 10 International Christmas Dinners

The celebration of the Christmas Eve becomes perfect when you have a splendid dinner to follow. With that said, it will make sense to explore the best 10 dinner ideas for Christmas from various parts of the world.

  1. Dinner Ideas from Easter Europe

To the east-European nations, the Christmas is not the only occasion to celebrate the auspicious birth of the Lord but to pay homage to the deceased souls. Hence, the rituals for the day in Slavic culture are austerity and hardship. The Christmas menu in this region is dominated by Vegan menus. As for instance, the people of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine will go for an elaborate menu, featuring 12 dishes without meat. As in the Czech Republic, the Potato salad, and Fried Carp has been the traditional menu of the Christmas dinner. These dishes are exceptionally tasty and will light up the celebration mood.

  1. Christmas Dinner in Peru

The people of Peru take an elaborate and extravagant approach for the dinner on Christmas. The choice of menu revolves around Turkey, beef, as well as fresh fruits. In addition, Peruvians try varieties of cookies and confectionaries on this event.

  1. Dinner recipes for Christmas from Finland

The recipes get dominated by fishes, meats as well as seasonal vegetables. Among the meats, Pork and Ham are the most sought-after options, followed by chicken. The Finnish treat themselves with verities of bread on this occasion. The dinner menu wills inevitable have a few premium varieties of wines.

  1. US and Canadian recipes for the Christmas dinner

Stuffed Turkey, sprouts, hams, chicken, as well as cakes and cookies, dominate the dinner tables in the Canadian and US houses on the Christmas. Fruits are another major item for the dinner. As per the Canadian tradition, shortbreads and butter tarts are the prime recipes for the Christmas Dinner.

  1. Danish delicacy

 Roasted Goose, ducks or Pork had been the traditional recipes for Christmas dinner in Denmark. These dishes get served with potato salads, red cabbages and lots of gravy. The Danish people include a few variety of indigenous beer at the dinner table.

  1. Netherlands

This is the day for the Dutch to go for the gourmet items. Roasted beef, rabbit, duck and glazed ham have been the traditional menus for the Christmas dinner in Netherlands.

  1. France

The French culinary culture for Christmas tilts slightly towards the sweet taste. It is for the reason that traditionally they go for 13 dessert menu for the Christmas dinner. Smoked, Grilled and barbecue fishes and meats are major elements for the dinner on Christmas.

  1. New Zealand and Australia

With the splendid summer clubbing with the Christmas vacation, it is the time to go outdoor for the Kiwis and Aussies. Usually, they go for community feasts on the Christmas and the dinner menus include barbecue and roasted recipes.

  1. United Kingdom

Roasted foods dominate the English dinner on Christmas. Roasted turkey, ducks, goose, as well as roasted vegetable, will be the major menus in the dinner table. In addition, there will be lots of cookies and cakes.

  1. Germany

The Germans rely on the roasted meats and varieties of pancakes for the Christmas dinner menus. In addition, they would have cookies and varieties of wines.

The 10 culinary cultures discussed above are exotic by its respective features and you can definitely make the Christmas celebration more vibrant, adopting any of these ideas.



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