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What To Do Before Touring The Alps Mountains

There is no other perfect way that you can admire the earth’s landscape as well as observe nature if not through hiking. This post is here for those planning an Alps mountain trip we will take you through the important factors that are meant to smoothen your trip. Preparation is everything many times its said a good start ends well whats a good start if not being prepared as it also said failing to plan is planning to fail.

Choosing a route to use

The Alps Mountains is full of many different routes that come with different characteristics. Before settling on a route to use make sure that you give more concern to the terrain as well as the trail rather than the height. The trail can either be narrow and full of rocks or widely paved. The terrain in the Alps is in two its either the alpine terrain or the valley flow. Depending on your nature of adventure make sure to settle with the one you are comfortable with. For those not used to hiking in you are encouraged to start on a route that is below 2000 meters thats a height of 6500ft, this is purposely meant to prevent you from getting sick from the altitude.

Before going out the hike be informed of the day’s weather condition. If the weather is not friendly avoid high altitudes. Choose trials that will give quick access to nearby villages for cover. Another important fact to consider is a tour map make sure you have one of these as its very easy nowadays with the internet.

Remember About Your Mom

Perv Mom - Alps Are Known For Loving It
Perv Mom – Alps Are Known For Loving It

If by any chance you are in family with some crazy perv mom, then don’t forget to tell her about crazy customs in area of Alps. Are you familiar with the project called Perv Mom, where step-moms are seducing and/or getting seduced into having taboo sex with other step-family members? It’s brand new, and released in February 2018 – and it’s already a huge thing in France. You can check it out here, but be warned – it’s pretty crazy!


Footwear and clothing factor

The mountains climate is a little bit shifty so you are encouraged to go clothing that are of thin layers as opposed to putting on just one big rain jacket. This is done due to the shifty mountain climate. If you are planning to be walking on easy trails then hiking boots won’t be necessary, however, those that are going for serious hiking, hiking boots are a MUST.

In order to protect your foot from blisters, you are required to put on socks that are thick most preferable seamless. Although shorts are good for hiking, hiking at the Alps is a little bit different as trousers are preferred to shorts this is due to effective work a trouser can do in preventing your legs from being affected by the scorching sun, protection from coldness, protection from insect bites as well as limiting chances of getting hurt by rocks or even bushes.

Remember to carry sunglasses for your eyes. As well as a putting on a cap for offering protection to your head, eyes, ears as well as the neck. Lastly but not least ensure that you have carried a trekking pole to help you in ascending as well as descending terrains that are snowy and indispensable.


In this post, I have not included everything but the most important, that in case you lack one you will likely suffer more. Also remember the little things like food and drinks, first aid kit, an alarm in the form of a whistle and camera to capture your moments.



To the diehard fans of mountains, the Alps in Europe are a magical destination. Featuring a ravishing scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscape, the Alps attract over 120 million tourists from around the globe each year.