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Top 10 Wonderful Sites in the Alps

Considered the heaven down on the earth, the memory of a visit to the Alps will endure in your mind forever. The Alpine region is one of the biggest attractions to the tourists, visiting Western Europe. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the top 10 sites of attraction from the Alpine Region.

Gastein Bath

If you are planning to have the best spa experience of your lifetime, you will hardly get a better alternative to this spa township in Austria. You will get various baths and pools that utilize the water of the natural hot springs, originating from the Alps.

Graubünden, Switzerland

This Swiss Canton is rated as one of the best Skiing areas in Europe. It features lofty Alpine trails and offers to mesmerize panoramic views.  You can delve into the excitement of cross-country skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking and several other outdoor activities that will spice up your vacation


This is the 2nd largest lake in Italy, lying along the southern parts of the Alps. The place is very close to Switzerland. Visit this place during the summer to enjoy the annual open-air musical carnival that gets hosted every year. Throughout the year, there are chances to enjoy arrays of outdoor activities around the lake.

The Stelvio pass

Yet another attraction of the Alpine region in Italy, this is the 2nd highest Alpine pass and offers the chances for spectacular scenic rides. “Top Gear”, the eminent British show rated this pass as the greatest road for driving under the sun.

The national park of Gran Paradiso

Lying along the north-western part of Italy, the natural park features mesmerizing scenic beauty, breath stopping panorama, striking landscape & valleys, alpine meadows as well as a wide diversity of flora and fauna.


This spot lies in the Mt. Blanc, the highest mountain peak In Europe. Visit this place to relish the exquisite glass skywalk that overlooks the heavenly scenic beauty of the Alps.

Sylvenstein Dam

This site lies in the upper Bavaria region in Germany. In return for your efforts for traveling to this place, you get to explore the heaven down on the earth. This is one of the most popular destinations among photographers from around the world.

French Alpine Region

The French alpine region will welcome you with stunning scenic beauty, mesmerizing panorama, innumerable historical edifices as well as lots of summer and winter resorts. In addition, you can get into activities like paragliding, skiing, as well as mountain biking trekking.


This is a Swiss destination in the Alps where you can relish a joyride in steam locomotives. It will be gallant experience, moving through a spectacular course on the Alps. This railway course lies over 2500 meter above the sea level.


If you have a nature explorer inside you, you will hardly get a better alternative to this spot. This Swiss destination offers a gallant hiking trail as well.

The sites discussed above are among the most sought-after and visited destination to the international tourists. The memories of the few days that you will spend here will endure in your mind for the rest of your lifetime.



To the diehard fans of mountains, the Alps in Europe are a magical destination. Featuring a ravishing scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscape, the Alps attract over 120 million tourists from around the globe each year.